Why You Should Never Declaw Your Cat

cat owner

cat owner

Owning a cat is one of the most beautiful things in the world. And not only is it a beautiful thing but a pretty fun one as well. So, do you own a cat? And if you do, are you a proud, happy cat owner? But this is not the only question that you – as a cat owner – need to ask yourself! There is one far more important question that you need to ask yourself on a daily basis – how do you treat your cat, and do you show it care and respect that it deserves?

If you see your cat just as something that you can play with for your own fun or any other reasons that you might have, then you are not treating it the right way. However, if your cat is something much more to you (such as a family member), then you really know how to treat it the right way, and because of that, your cat will always love you. You already know that playing with your cat on a daily basis is very important, right? Now, let me tell you about one thing that you should never do to your cat – declawing it!

The First Line of Defense
Your cat’s claws are the first things that they use when it comes to defending themselves against the attackers (such as dogs). With that being said, if you ever decide to declaw your cat, it will have a much smaller chance of defending itself.

Increased Aggressiveness
Cats that don’t have claws are much safer than those who do, right? Wrong! Declawed cats are actually much more aggressive than those who have claws.

The pain still continues even after the claw removal process is finished. You would probably not even notice it, but your cat would still feel that nasty pain.


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